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About Us


The Hog Hotel (formerly known as The Fishers Hotel) was acquired by Nathan & Sally Jones in August 2018 and since then has been fully refurbished and modernised. All the public rooms and all of the hotel rooms have undergone extensive renovation. The addition of two brand new suites including one disabled access, and landscaping of the garden has further extended the hotels services. As a result, The Hog Hotel is now widely discussed as one of the best places to stay in Suffolk. With welcoming charming décor, ever-changing menus in the restaurant and bar, and rooms that focus on comfort as well as luxury, we offer a little something for business travellers, weekending couples and anyone who wants to enjoy everything that Suffolk has to offer.

A quick note about our name –The Hog Hotel has been named after the hedgehog, the favourite animal of Jones’s late father and the bespoke hedgehog identity you see in the logo is named Dave, in his honour. As lifelong members of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society we aim to raise awareness about the decline of hedgehogs and also intend to support fund raising for a number of local hedgehog charities. Our garden is being curated to make sure it appeals to the local hedgehogs, with our very own miniature Hog hotels for them to make their own.